goin half on a dime wit my partner in crime
Did some mids, then she introduced me to you
She told me that you was more than a dime,
that she wasn’t goin half, & to kick in would take time
I remember my first hit, it was mid september
Summertime fine, even though you’re born of winter
It felt good, but I wasn’t hooked off my first dose
Few months in, I’m feenin’ just to be close
addicted. but I would never abuse you
..&& I would comply to whatever behooves you
High off your vibes && I know why
its because your something more than what I’m used to
Now I’m drunk off of your kisses, 
gone off your gaze
Poisoned by your words, 
Its more than a phase
Attuned to your movements, 
Not ashamed to stay 
below the influence, I’m stuck in your haze

Blessed Issues

my issues include being way too nice of dude

constantly neglecting to be rude

acceptance at face value

niggas use that really just to take advantage over you


too sad but its true

plenty misused

generosity misconstrued,

almost enough to put a nigga in a Kill Bill mood

IOU’s way overdue


but karmas real and I feel it

kindness is received so I still give it

been gifted,

so i praise the Lord, prayers uplifted

no stress, I guess I can say that im blessed.

New Me

imagine me not giving a fuck

gettin’ fucked up lightin’ reefer up

callin’ bitches up tryna get a quick suck

get a quick nut, tell er’ bounce out ‘fore the sun’s up

that aint me, although its crossed my mind

infrequently, of attempting to be a G

mackin’ on the ladies, bein shady, see

but truthfully i know it’s not where i wanna be

id rather be a gentleman,

treat women respectfully

givin up the tree, please dont pass it to me

tryna give up the liquor, especially Hennessy

new leaf, new possibilites.

Givin’ Game.

i’ve learned well, that when approaching a female

its advisable to pay attention to detail

as a young male ive realized,

running game tellin’ lies is similar to cheap retail

it oversells, gets old, id rather stick wit’

watching niggas lines get dissed quick

spittin pre-mixed shit like Bisquick

rolled eyes combined with goodbyes

these youngins hip to that slick shit

been brushed off false lives, just be true

doin’ what you do, chillin’ being you

there’s no better move,

‘cause being genuine allows authenticity to shine through.

word to the blue, if you aint findin a female

..find something to do.

adopt a hobby, go learn somethin’ new 

‘cause ladies like that, make moves let em pursue you.