Cruisin’ in Our Lamborghini

Rhythmic breathing..

Thoughts racing through my head Sweat easing..

Reminiscing of you in my bed

You touch me..

In many ways I can’t describe.

And without touching your frame

You had me frozen by your vibe

Let me set your heart on fire

As I fill it with my passion

And you fill mine with desire

Too fast, I think we’re crashin’

But you’re holding on my mind

And I’m clutching on your body

We’re steady switching gears

To speeds where nobody can stop me

Or you, nobody else just us two

Open roads, passerby’s are foggy in our rearview

And I know that there are plenty of mountains we’ll go through

But there’s also plenty valleys that we’ll cruise down too

Round 1

Dim lights, r&b music..

Candles lit in preparation to do this..

Disrobed with a smile, aroused by a kiss,

my hand between your thighs sends your legs into a twitch

As your mind falls into bliss..

sleep deprived, the sun is on the rise..

&& what’s between your thighs is slightly below my eyes

Patiently waitin’, on your slippery surprise

But I aint blowin candles I’m blowin’ out your back

Havin’ your toes curlin’ in your sandals

Its almost too much for you to handle

I tell you to relax, arch your back and let me do it

So good you speakin’ spanish fluent, leakin fluid..

&& I aint stoppin’ til you tell me to..

So what’chu wanna do?

K.O. Or Round 2?

In This Life

In this life,

Of lies and politicians

Women and black men hated on

..Placed in missionary positions

Gettin screwed,

Its hard being a young black male

Strip you nude,

Take your shxt and throw you in the jail

beyond rude

Society’s got you fooled

Got the wool over the eyes of most of these fools..

It’s not right just because it’s rules

Everything cold aint cool..

Question your eyes and your ears,

Don’t accept it ‘cause you learned it in school

Don’t believe everything that you see or hear

The Break-Up (Come Back to Me) did we get to this junction?

3 days without you causes brain malfunction

mind waves buggin’, emotions on high

&& did i just get the sudden urge to cry?

tell me why did I just replay, that crazy day

where we said our 10th last goodbye

coffee mugs fly by, pictures thrown my way

you stormed out in a rage && a long sigh

now im sittin on the floor, towel under the door

kush blowin’ all my thoughts away

feelin lazy, I’ve yet to take a bath today

when did it become a chore just for you to stay?

eyes red, hazy

im callin’ you a whore on the daily

cursin your name, minutes later textin’ you to save me

come back, im crazy. why did you leave me?

..remove this pain please so i can breathe freely

&& be easy..